“My daughter learned swimming with coach Han Rong for the past 3 months, I really find him a good instructor. He is very patient and is always willing to play with the kids. I think that all the kids including my daughter really enjoy swimming with him around. My daughter is actually extremely afraid of water but I am so glad that she can swim by her own without any floating support now. Thanks for Coach Han Rong to let her have confidence in swimming.

- Joyce Gao (Tampines group lessons)


"Both my boys learn swimming from teacher Larry. He is very patient and friendly towards the boys. Both are progressing well. Joseph has obtained the stage 2 swim survival test, and Benjamin has overcame his fear of water merely over 2 month’s time and is now looking forward for swimming class! Teacher Larry knows how to manage the boys and impart the right skills to them. Thank you teacher Larry. He charges very reasonable prices."

- Denise Kwok (parent of Joseph and Benjamin Yeoh, Bishan group lesson)

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"I would like to thank coach Larry for his wonderful teaching. My son has been taking swimming lessons from him and has overcome the phobia of water. He seem to have infinite patience with his students. I would highly recommend coach Larry from Ace Dolphin Swim School to any interested in swimming lessons from beginners to advanced. Thanks Larry"

- Catherine Chen (Pasir Ris group lesson)


"The children enjoys their class very well and they will  be unhappy if they could not have their swimming class due to any reason. Technically, they progress very well too. Thank you very much, Coach Hanrong."

- Archin (parent of Josiah and Betsay, YCK group lessons)